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Sissy Dre was inspired by my father, Robert Felix Rosales, particularly his stylish clothes and big-hearted ways of being. My father was always open to any new hobbies or opportunities and especially enjoyed meeting new people. I take on this creative venture to honor him in my own way. Creating from scratch has opened artistic doors within me that I never knew existed and I hope this blog helps to inspire some crafty part of you too. 000000

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hurry thanks

Friday, December 18, 2009

1st Primitive Santa's

Wow ~ It's hard to believe after a year of talking various classes in the arts, I'm ready to sell hand made products. Just in time for the Christmas event at my space in "Treasures & Junks Antique Mall" in Ontario, CA.

It was a small career, but I got to complete two, that's right just two Primitive Santa's for the weekend sale. However, I'll still be working on a few that I starting stuffing and painting and store them for next year.

My husband continues to supports me and say's things like "well at least you don't have the buy this stuff anymore" and my kids say "Wow Mom, I can't believe you made this".

 I feel blessed, and humbled, more then I could have imaged.  My life have changed so much from a couple of years ago, It's hard to see straight. The people I continue to meet provide support and knowledge and this new partnership that I'll be ramping up in the New Year is invigorating.

I know without the influences that I had growing up, I would of never uncovered this artistic side of me.
My father was a talent, and without crying all the time, because it always feels like he left us to be with the Lord yesterday, and it's been 8 years this January. I miss my father so much. I can see his smile and I have him around me daily. I just wish he was here physically. Ya know?

He was such an artiest in his day, he was a welder by trade, and incorporated his trade, into aspects on the houses we grew up in, he took evening classes in car upholstery and upholstered my red Karmen Ghia in high, he was a painter and gardener and so much more. I wish I would of embraced it so much more, when I was growing up and could of shared with him the Now.

I do know he is with me on this journey and he does know that he planted the seeds of creativity into my soul.

"When you can't see him, trust him . . . Jesus is closer than you've ever dreamed"
~ In the Eye of the Storm

Much Love ~

Monday, December 14, 2009

Truck Show @ Garden of Beaden Dec 2009

Last weekend was a busy one ~ I loved every minute of it.

"Garden of Beaden" located in Old Town Upland, CA is celebrating it's 11th year in business. Propitiator and owner Irene Sanchez keeps us all interested in her passion by providing helpful hints as well as sharing her talents in the unique art of Beadwork, Mixed-Media and Wireworks.

If you enjoy beads in any fashion you'll want to make sure you pull up a chair at the Garden of Beaden, and Irene and her talented family will help you create something spectacular.

Garden of Beaden ~ hosted a truck show featuring artist "Robin Dudley-Howes".
Robin's style is an electric blend of Bohemian Chick channeling Mata Hari, Our Lady of Guadeloupe and Frida Khalo with a dash of glitter.

Feel free to check out Robin's unique mixed media works on robindudleyhowes.blogspot.com

"There is no such thing as a great talent without great will-power"
~ Honor De Balzac (1799-1850)

Much Love ~ Andrea

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vintage Beauty or Train Case

For me, the reality is, the older I get the more I realize that I don't need much and I'm likening it. I've decided that if I get to stumble onto some thing I would like to have and I could reuse it, in some way, then I'll willing to purchase it. However it does needs to be old.

Of course I want my health for my family and friends and myself, and know the Bible better.

Addition to these things,  I am gravitating to old and hand made items and not throwing much alway these days, and even taking my recycled bags when I do my grocery shopping.

Anyhow, stuff like, cut off jeans into shorts with leggings, fingerless gloves, vintage travel clocks that don't work, vintage Bible, and this crazy obsession lately with vintage train and cosmetic cases. I love the way it looks, with it's chips and worn out handles, and of course the way it smells. I'd love to hear the stories old vintage pieces could tell.

Last weekend I peddled the Irvine Flea Market and found a few ~ but today,  I went to the various hand made sites and had a field day.

Wanted to share some finding with you .....

It's really comes down to nothing materialistic is needed at all ~ enjoy the simple thing he has to offer us ~ while we have the time on this beautiful place he has given us, called Earth.  Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Much Love ~

Monday, December 7, 2009

Piecemakers ~ Xmas Under the Stars Craft Fair Dec. 2009

Wow ~ Crafting is becoming a large part of my life and I continue to be amazed at all the talent out there, in this great big wonderful world.

Friday night, approximately 120 vendors attended this show, on a very cold December evening. 
Some of the artiest included Jewelry & Bead makers, Gourd carvers, Wood carvers, Clay face makers, Paper clay elements, Cloth doll makers, Embroidery designers, Knitted Fingerless Gloves, Quilting, Crochet Scarf & Bags, Needle Felted Balls, and of course so much more. 
The show included, work-in progress, current projects, and display upcoming elements and techniques for 2010.  

My mentor and new business partner had a booth as well. 
The very talented Janet Shultz ~ Primitive Doll Maker.

As I was walking around the show, the "Paper Clay" booth caught my eye. As I walked into the booth and slowing looking at each little creation she had made, my eyes were captured by the birds she created. And I was hooked. It's turns out that the talented "Virginia Lewis" was selling her goods that I have not see before, nor did I know how beautiful "paper clay" really is.  Well, to say the least I fell in love with her paper clay creations of a black crow and a red cardinal. So, as I got to chat with Virginia, she shared with me her focus to detail and the hours it takes to make these little creations. Yes, lots of hours.

As I was listening to her detail work habits I did let her know I was interested in purchasing one or two of her pieces. As I'm finding
out with some of the artist I meet, they want their pieces to go to a good and loving home. To ensure these little creations live long and prosperous. And you know, I indeed agree. 

I found myself providing a full background status of who I am, where I am in my life currently with my art and my enthusiasm to the crafting life. I would not let anything happen to her outstanding work, and assured her that her holiday crow and red cardinal would be coming into a loving and safe home  ~ to provide us, my family and friends, joy of who their were created to be. 

Me ~ Virginia Lewis and and her business partner Sue Smith

"Curiosity is a gift we each can share. Harvesting it is simple Just be like a child.
Wonder, play, pretend, and live in the moment"

Unknown Author

Much Love ~

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Upcoming New Project(s)

Wanted to share with you two projects that I've been working on this holiday week. It's taking me to extreme directions in making cloth dolls and my un`supervised soldering craft. Anyhow, I've found time to squeeze both projects this week.  Between assistant cook on Thanksgiving and Xmas decor team leader.

What I've found out is that both projects show me ~ how to utilized each techniques into others craft areas. For the soldering and wire project, it's the use of color (picture in pendents) with metal.

The cloth doll, I've used the wire in the arms and fingers, (no pipe cleaners this time) as well as color coordination of attire (stocking and boots) and new eye lids technique. Small half moon shape fabric sew on the lids of her eyes and stuffed with a small amount of polyfill. Adds a completely different de-mention to the face of this doll.

Both project are not completed as of tonight, kids back to school tomorrow, and award Volleyball banquet in the evening.

But I do get to meet with June tomorrow,  she is the daughter of her late mother who was a professional "porcelain doll maker" and she wants to give me her doll molds, or she was going to throw them in the dumpster. I couldn't let her do this, it breaks my heart.

So ~ I'll keep you posted on the next adventure, of this crafting journey that I'm on ~And loving the ride.

Cherish all your happy moments; they make a fine cushion for old age.
~ Christopher Morley, 1890-1957

Much Love ~

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Primitive Pilgrims

Happy Thanksgiving ye all ~

Just finished my primitive pilgrims this afternoon, and wanted to share them with you, before the actual day of Thanksgiving. This project was a lot of fun, the stuffing was becoming a bit boring, but had to forge thru it, because the embellishments are so fun to add to the dolls. New technique learned on this project as well, tea dye fabrics. Ten bags of tea in 2 gallon of water and soaked the fabric for several hours and dried them in the bathroom shower.  The male pilgrim is darker then the female pilgrim due to the dyeing process ~  One bolt of fabric was left in the tea dye longer then the other one.

But  ~ back in the 1500's - 1600's hundreds, the male pilgrim was out getting the wood and food, and the female pilgrims were in the covered wagons providing for the family, and not getting so much sun.

Well, that's when these pilgrims told me ~ "if you will"

             Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family ~ enjoy the love you share with each others.

Nothing is permanent in this wicked world - not even our troubles. ~                            Charlie Chaplin, 1889-1977

Much Love ~

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Soldered Class @ Piecemakers

Early last Saturday morning, a couple of new artiest friends and I, got together and drove down to Piecemakers in Costa Mesa, Ca;  We took a class by Robin Dudley-Howes "Treasure Necklace and Soldered Glass Charms". "As described by the Instructor: We will explore various techniques to encapsulate and preserve precious treasures by learning to cut glass and solder it into charms and explore uncommon objects like miniature vials, dice, dominos, small china or bisque items, small pieces of a plate you couldn't throw out..you get the picture."

Sounds like fun, would you agree? Yes.

Irene Sanchez, owner/operator of "The Garden of Beaden" and Dana Primavera, local instructor/artiest and me, cloth doll maker/artiest, departed from "The Garden Of Beaden" in Upland, Ca. around 8:00am; loaded up with coffee and lots of chatting to make the hour road trip, seem like a 10min ride.

First time for the girls at "Piecemakers", I wanted to make sure they saw as much as possible, in the short amount of time, before our 10am class time. Our first stop was upstairs to the various xmas rooms, class project rooms, candling room, vintage hats/clothing room, bead lounge, and a walk thru the other various rooms that that hold a barrage of mix match assessments of fun merchandise, and goes on and on.  Then we, headed down stairs to see, fabrics, tons of embellishments for every type of mix media craft project imaginable, felt, ribbons, patterns, ceramics, paints, threads, feathers, and to much to continue naming. I have a feeling that the seed has been planted for many more returns to Piecemakers for Irene and Dana.

We had a productive creative day, got to work along side other talented artiest. We got to work with the soldering iron, flux, copper tape, microscope glass slides, glass cutter, grinder, jump rings, bales, small bottles, etc. And of course, there was never a dull moment to hear creative conversation on new ideas and techniques.  These ladies consisted of Janae, mother, Stephanie, her daughter, Liz, corporate executive turned artiest, Carol, long time artiest blessed us with her unique style and ideas, and shared some wonderful stories of her artiest life and beyond. And of course my new friends Irene, and Dana, with their witty humor interjected into the fun.

Instructor jewelry display ~ Bon couture!

Class Instructor ~ Robin Dudley-Howes

Talented Artiest

Charms I created that day ~

"Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have.
Make the Now the primary focus of your life"

~ Eckhart Tolle

Much Love to you ~

Monday, November 2, 2009

Seaside Doll Club ~ Annual Doll Challenge

Wow, I was burning the midnight oil last night, to the tune of 3:40am. Can you say "O'lay". My first doll challenge, it's exciting and nerve racking, both at the same time. Yikes!

So, I've been working on this doll for about the last 6 months, in between various art classes and home life of course. This pattern started out as a draft pattern for the Pattie Medaris Culea class, that I'm taking in Nov. at Piecemakers in Costa Mesa. However, this pattern turned out to be so much more, once I learned to properly use the cutting line verse the tracing line, things got much more clear.

I worked on the techniques, again and again, until I was able, not to tier, or poke thru the material, free hand her facial features, eyes, mouth, nose, and sculpting the face features.  I made a couple of them. Ya know.  To get the pattern right. Ya know. Perfection, if you will. So I made this pattern about eight to ten times. Arms, legs, body, head, hands, ect. Yes, that's right,  eight to ten times. I'm very humbled by this process.

Moving on ~

The doll club that I am a member of "Seaside Doll Club" is holding it's 4th Annual Doll Challenge. The theme of the challenge is "Eccentric Old Broad".  In our club meeting today, members unveiled all the hard work and success of this doll challenge. Each doll maker got to chat about the details of there doll and how she evolved. Lots of great tips and trade secret were exchanged.  We have such talented doll makers in our club, all the dolls are crafted with love and detailed, and of course humor.

On with the show, the dolls will be on display from Nov. 2 thru Dec. 5, 2009. During this period customers and employees of SewVac are welcome to vote, all the dolls will be prominently displayed with ballots and a ballot box to catch your votes.

SewVac Ltd.
1762 Clark Ave
LongBeach, CA 90815

Without further adue, here are the dolls ~

"Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun." 
~ Mary Lou Cook 

Monday, October 26, 2009

"Treasures & Junk" The Affordable Antiques Mall

 "Treasures & Junk"
Located at 215 S. San Antonio Ave.
Ontario, CA 91762
Space # 55

This day will be unlike any day that ever was or will be. Every moment is an invitation to live; to live it up, to live like it matters, to live life to its fullest, to live the life you dream about, to embrace life. Not just to get a life, but to create your life. 

Much Love ~

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Glitterfest Fall 2009

Wow, Glitterfest Fall 2009 has come and gone in a blink of an bats eye.  So, what is Glitterfest, you ask?

Glitterfest is a juried show that strives to offer collectors the highest quality Halloween art in an unexpected variety of styles and mediums.

Inspired by the antique, the magical, and the whimsical, the artists' display and interpretations of this spirited holiday create a contagious excitement among the attendees and participants.

Passionate collectors, seeking limited and one-of-a-kind offerings, line up early for this one day event for the best selection.

As you can see..... Glitterfest Fall 2009 what a hoot! Hope to see you next year.

Happy Halloween to all ~  Much Love Andrea

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Getting Older

It's a great Sunday afternoon today, a bit over cast, which has not been seen in a while, but today, Isabelle and Grizzly, are enjoying the shade together. The Labrador and Chihuahua are the same age believe it or not, they've been together for 10 years, giving us humans, love and devotion daily.

Clock Image ~ pretty neat


Route 66 thru Upland, CA.

As some of you may know, I moved last year (2008) from Anaheim, Ca. to a quaint little town called Upland, CA. Well, being in south county most of the time, I didn't make it out to the Inland Empire much, so didn't think much went on here, until almost, exactly, one year later. The first time was about three months ago when I got to meet a mentor of mine by the name of "Cesar Millan" the famous Dog Whisper, on the National Geographic Channel, here in Upland, at the Pet Expo.  Huge surprise.

I started thinking, maybe this town has a bit of history or something that made it somewhat historical.
So,  I looked it up and found that George and W.B. Chaffey were brothers with a purpose. The year was 1882 and they arrived in California from Canada seeking a new place for a colony. The wide stretch of green against the foothills was lush and fertile and they knew they had found what they were looking for.  Knowing that one of the streets I drive on, every day, established in 1882, and carried pioneers, settlers, and rustlers in covered wagons, makes me stop and take a closer look at where I live. 
Likewise, this mountain behind my house, it's called Mt. Baldy, it's top drawer in the ski season.
Surprise appreciation, came knocking on my door through the "Belle Armoire Jewelry" art magazine. This quarterly publication post articles in beadwork, mixed-media, claywork, and wirework.   In the Autumn 2009 publication story "Fragments" by Melanie L. Doerman;  awareness of new mixed-media approaches, design aspect, as well as products, beads, fabric, and other various materials.

Continuing to read, then smack-dab in the middle of the 2nd paragraph listed "The Garden of Beaden", in Upland, California. I was in shock. I had to read it two more times to make sure it was really in Upland, CA. The very same Upland, CA that I was living in.   The next day I visited "The Garden of Beaden", got to meet Irene Sanchez, the talented owner of this wonderful bead shop of eleven years and shared my story with her. We chatted for quite a while, she shared lots of facts, and techniques' with me. She mentioned how surprised she was, when the article was published, the customer who has been coming to her shop for years was the featured artist in the magazine. New customers like me have been keeping  "The Garden of Beaden" front doors revolving more then usual lately. Irene likes to share her techniques, and encourages everyone to try new things, when every you get the chance. 
I signed up for the soldering pendent class. What I knew about soldering, you got to use a torch, that's awesome. Guaranteed fun with metals and a flame, couldn't go wrong here. 

Our class was small and intimate with very talented ladies all empowering each other with there own pendent technique. Our instructor "Dana Hudson Primavera" inspired us to go beyond what we originally had in mind to create.  The pendent consisted of picking a image, using nickel/copper sheet, resin, torch, and metal stamps. Finishing up the pendent project was pouring "resin" over the image to make it appear shiny, and magnified, then it needs to sit for a couple of days to dry.  We get to pick up are pendents, on Monday. 

I'm happy to say, this little town of Upland, California is growing on me,  I look forward to more opportunities, Upland has to teach me.

Much Love ~

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.
~ Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Darcy ~ a tree faerie <3

Last weekend I had a chance to attending a 2 day session with Cyndi Mahlstadt to make her
"Darcy ~ A Tree Faerie". Cyndi had lots of students waiting eagerly to attend this sold out capacity class.

"Darcy" is a 12" beautiful and whimsical mixture of fabrics, wire, beads, natural materials, and found objects. We learned lots of  techniques, like "Darcy" head, its a press mold that Cyndi created made out of Apoxie Clay. We got to paint her wonderful little face of smiles, she is so cute. We also got to create delicate vines using wire for her arms, added beads; designed and creating awesome wings, wire fingers. As well as sharing with us some embellishing tips and tricks that can be used on lots of other projects.

And here's my version of "Darcy ~ A Tree Faerie" I love her.....enjoy <3

We only go around once. 
There's really not time to be afraid. 
So stop. 
Try something you've never tried.
         Teach it.

         Do it.

         Risk it.

                         ~ Jon Blais

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall Inspiration Sept 09

So far I've learned how to make a beginning doll, sizes vary from, 4' to 7'  and 8' to 11' inches.  Now with this intermediate doll pattern, 12' to 14' tall, it has a bit more shape to the face and body. As well as the foot starts to take on a more realistic shape.  

Which fabric should I choose for her body? So many options. For now, I stick to 100% Muslin, I like this material due to the strong weave it has. It can take lots of pulling and stretching and has the ability  to endure when I get frustrated and start getting rough with her, I know she can handle it.  I notice this picture her hair was pinned on the first time after I gave her the first hair cut, and pinned scrap fabric and lace to so she didn't sit on the sewing table naked during the work in progress. 

This doll becomes more like a puzzle, she has very sexy legs, posable arms and fingers, and a two demential head.  I really enjoyed creating the fingers on this pattern and she also had time to get married as you can seen. Looking at her at the draft stage, I remember how excited I was copying the pattern, tracing, and finely getting to cut her out on the Muslin fabric, then stepping back and looking at her like this for a couple of days. It's like giving birth, or getting something new, of acquiring something that you've always wanted. Kinda weird or for you new doll makers, like me, pretty amazing.

Once I got the legs, arms and head on her, it was off to see what she was in the mood to ware. Since autumn, fall, and halloween are coming up, most of the fabric stores had these colors in stock. I love fall colors and gravitated to the richness of silks, and oranges, browns, greens, tans, etc.  It's nice to know I can get the nicer fabric because I only need small amounts to dress the dolls, which makes it more exciting to me. I loved the challenge of sewing the fabrics right on the doll, to make her blouse, her cuff links, and stockings, shoes and skirts. Once that was done, I wanted to give her more pa-zaz, so I added beading. This was so much fun, but I had to stop! It was to much over kill and she could of ending up drowning in it.
Her hair, at first her hair was really long, I gave her braids but it was to much hair, then I got a pair of scissors in my hand and starting to cut, the more I cut the better I could see her face, then I knew she was going to have some type of a "shag". Remember that hair style? I do.  Then it was the face, I'm still in the stamp phase of doll making, and I admit it's getting much less intimating to take a stab at it and do it over again, and again,  until I like her features.  The next doll has to be a sculpted face project.
Yikes...did I say that?

Till next time, lets continue to aim for the moon...not because it is easy, but it is hard. And because it is possible.

Much Love,

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Evie Mae Doll

Last weekend I finished a terrific two day workshop with Cyndi Malhstadt at Piecemakers in Costa Mesa~~ Here is a picture of Cyndi and me at the end of class day two. This gal has been doing craft projects for years, vist her blog at www.Mcyndimahlstadt.com/blog or www.MeadowBugStudio.com to see her wonderful work. 

"Evie Mae" is a little fairy with an inverted silk rose as a skirt who hangs on a cool stand. Absolutely no sewing~~amazing. Guess who else was in the class? 
Patti Culea, &  Barbara Willis~ that's who....

I was lucky enough to get them to sign their books for me and snap a picture with them too.  I was so excited to see these talented teachers still learning.  These ladies are authors of unique books in doll making. Did I tell you I used a whole bottle of Tacky Glue! I also signed up for Patti Culea's class Nov. 7 and 8. Would anyone else like to come? It is to make an doll you like from her books~~she will be teaching techniques,  tricks of the trade, if you well.    Check out Piecemakers.com, click to classes, then click to dolls. You will find all the classes for the month of Sept. and a new quarter post of classes should arrive before the end of this month.
Bon couture!
"Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun."
~ Mary Lou Cook