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Sissy Dre was inspired by my father, Robert Felix Rosales, particularly his stylish clothes and big-hearted ways of being. My father was always open to any new hobbies or opportunities and especially enjoyed meeting new people. I take on this creative venture to honor him in my own way. Creating from scratch has opened artistic doors within me that I never knew existed and I hope this blog helps to inspire some crafty part of you too. 000000

Friday, December 18, 2009

1st Primitive Santa's

Wow ~ It's hard to believe after a year of talking various classes in the arts, I'm ready to sell hand made products. Just in time for the Christmas event at my space in "Treasures & Junks Antique Mall" in Ontario, CA.

It was a small career, but I got to complete two, that's right just two Primitive Santa's for the weekend sale. However, I'll still be working on a few that I starting stuffing and painting and store them for next year.

My husband continues to supports me and say's things like "well at least you don't have the buy this stuff anymore" and my kids say "Wow Mom, I can't believe you made this".

 I feel blessed, and humbled, more then I could have imaged.  My life have changed so much from a couple of years ago, It's hard to see straight. The people I continue to meet provide support and knowledge and this new partnership that I'll be ramping up in the New Year is invigorating.

I know without the influences that I had growing up, I would of never uncovered this artistic side of me.
My father was a talent, and without crying all the time, because it always feels like he left us to be with the Lord yesterday, and it's been 8 years this January. I miss my father so much. I can see his smile and I have him around me daily. I just wish he was here physically. Ya know?

He was such an artiest in his day, he was a welder by trade, and incorporated his trade, into aspects on the houses we grew up in, he took evening classes in car upholstery and upholstered my red Karmen Ghia in high, he was a painter and gardener and so much more. I wish I would of embraced it so much more, when I was growing up and could of shared with him the Now.

I do know he is with me on this journey and he does know that he planted the seeds of creativity into my soul.

"When you can't see him, trust him . . . Jesus is closer than you've ever dreamed"
~ In the Eye of the Storm

Much Love ~

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