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Monday, December 7, 2009

Piecemakers ~ Xmas Under the Stars Craft Fair Dec. 2009

Wow ~ Crafting is becoming a large part of my life and I continue to be amazed at all the talent out there, in this great big wonderful world.

Friday night, approximately 120 vendors attended this show, on a very cold December evening. 
Some of the artiest included Jewelry & Bead makers, Gourd carvers, Wood carvers, Clay face makers, Paper clay elements, Cloth doll makers, Embroidery designers, Knitted Fingerless Gloves, Quilting, Crochet Scarf & Bags, Needle Felted Balls, and of course so much more. 
The show included, work-in progress, current projects, and display upcoming elements and techniques for 2010.  

My mentor and new business partner had a booth as well. 
The very talented Janet Shultz ~ Primitive Doll Maker.

As I was walking around the show, the "Paper Clay" booth caught my eye. As I walked into the booth and slowing looking at each little creation she had made, my eyes were captured by the birds she created. And I was hooked. It's turns out that the talented "Virginia Lewis" was selling her goods that I have not see before, nor did I know how beautiful "paper clay" really is.  Well, to say the least I fell in love with her paper clay creations of a black crow and a red cardinal. So, as I got to chat with Virginia, she shared with me her focus to detail and the hours it takes to make these little creations. Yes, lots of hours.

As I was listening to her detail work habits I did let her know I was interested in purchasing one or two of her pieces. As I'm finding
out with some of the artist I meet, they want their pieces to go to a good and loving home. To ensure these little creations live long and prosperous. And you know, I indeed agree. 

I found myself providing a full background status of who I am, where I am in my life currently with my art and my enthusiasm to the crafting life. I would not let anything happen to her outstanding work, and assured her that her holiday crow and red cardinal would be coming into a loving and safe home  ~ to provide us, my family and friends, joy of who their were created to be. 

Me ~ Virginia Lewis and and her business partner Sue Smith

"Curiosity is a gift we each can share. Harvesting it is simple Just be like a child.
Wonder, play, pretend, and live in the moment"

Unknown Author

Much Love ~

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  1. Sisi,

    Keep up the good work! I'm so proud of you. You have learned so much and have done so well.
    Can't wait to see your future creations.

    Much love,


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