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Monday, April 25, 2011

What can I say "Yard Sales"

Yard Sales, yes it's about finding the hidden treasures. 

A friend of mind reminds me often, whatever your looking
for you will find it at a yard sale. Yes, of course, you need
to be patient. Yes, of course you won't find it right away, well
unless you do. And yes, when you do, be ready because
another chance might not come around again for a long time.
But, you will find it!

And you know what, she is Right!
For the last several monthsI've been going to yard sales every
Saturday morning starting the adventure at 6:30am.
And you know what, I'm loving it. It's still
quiet outside, the house is still.
Well, except for the puppies, who 
wake up when they hear the stairs creek, then I have
to make a fast get-a-way before all the animals wake up.
That's another subject to get back to later. 

You get to find all sort of great stuff.
However, one really doesn't think to find a
Chihuahua puppy? Well, I did. And I brought her home, 
from a Norco, CA yard sale last weekend. 

Yup, it's true. She was in a kennel with one of her
brothers, two had already been sold earlier that day, healthy
only one left and If I didn't already have two 
other puppies at home, I would have taken her
brother too. But then I would be really nuts! RIGHT!
Well, were going on 7 dogs now, 3 puppies, and 
4 seniors. All are happy, healthy, and
enjoying the much needed daily walks.

There she is on the far left looking at you!

My awesome, wonderful Labrador Isabelle and the new puppy.

The pack, getting some sun time in.

Oh, Happy Day to me!

Haven't named her yet, in between "Bernie" for Bernadette or "Olivia".
Let me know what name you like best.

Happy Easter & Blessings to you daily ~