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Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall Inspiration Sept 09

So far I've learned how to make a beginning doll, sizes vary from, 4' to 7'  and 8' to 11' inches.  Now with this intermediate doll pattern, 12' to 14' tall, it has a bit more shape to the face and body. As well as the foot starts to take on a more realistic shape.  

Which fabric should I choose for her body? So many options. For now, I stick to 100% Muslin, I like this material due to the strong weave it has. It can take lots of pulling and stretching and has the ability  to endure when I get frustrated and start getting rough with her, I know she can handle it.  I notice this picture her hair was pinned on the first time after I gave her the first hair cut, and pinned scrap fabric and lace to so she didn't sit on the sewing table naked during the work in progress. 

This doll becomes more like a puzzle, she has very sexy legs, posable arms and fingers, and a two demential head.  I really enjoyed creating the fingers on this pattern and she also had time to get married as you can seen. Looking at her at the draft stage, I remember how excited I was copying the pattern, tracing, and finely getting to cut her out on the Muslin fabric, then stepping back and looking at her like this for a couple of days. It's like giving birth, or getting something new, of acquiring something that you've always wanted. Kinda weird or for you new doll makers, like me, pretty amazing.

Once I got the legs, arms and head on her, it was off to see what she was in the mood to ware. Since autumn, fall, and halloween are coming up, most of the fabric stores had these colors in stock. I love fall colors and gravitated to the richness of silks, and oranges, browns, greens, tans, etc.  It's nice to know I can get the nicer fabric because I only need small amounts to dress the dolls, which makes it more exciting to me. I loved the challenge of sewing the fabrics right on the doll, to make her blouse, her cuff links, and stockings, shoes and skirts. Once that was done, I wanted to give her more pa-zaz, so I added beading. This was so much fun, but I had to stop! It was to much over kill and she could of ending up drowning in it.
Her hair, at first her hair was really long, I gave her braids but it was to much hair, then I got a pair of scissors in my hand and starting to cut, the more I cut the better I could see her face, then I knew she was going to have some type of a "shag". Remember that hair style? I do.  Then it was the face, I'm still in the stamp phase of doll making, and I admit it's getting much less intimating to take a stab at it and do it over again, and again,  until I like her features.  The next doll has to be a sculpted face project.
Yikes...did I say that?

Till next time, lets continue to aim for the moon...not because it is easy, but it is hard. And because it is possible.

Much Love,

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