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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Primitive Pilgrims

Happy Thanksgiving ye all ~

Just finished my primitive pilgrims this afternoon, and wanted to share them with you, before the actual day of Thanksgiving. This project was a lot of fun, the stuffing was becoming a bit boring, but had to forge thru it, because the embellishments are so fun to add to the dolls. New technique learned on this project as well, tea dye fabrics. Ten bags of tea in 2 gallon of water and soaked the fabric for several hours and dried them in the bathroom shower.  The male pilgrim is darker then the female pilgrim due to the dyeing process ~  One bolt of fabric was left in the tea dye longer then the other one.

But  ~ back in the 1500's - 1600's hundreds, the male pilgrim was out getting the wood and food, and the female pilgrims were in the covered wagons providing for the family, and not getting so much sun.

Well, that's when these pilgrims told me ~ "if you will"

             Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family ~ enjoy the love you share with each others.

Nothing is permanent in this wicked world - not even our troubles. ~                            Charlie Chaplin, 1889-1977

Much Love ~

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