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Sissy Dre was inspired by my father, Robert Felix Rosales, particularly his stylish clothes and big-hearted ways of being. My father was always open to any new hobbies or opportunities and especially enjoyed meeting new people. I take on this creative venture to honor him in my own way. Creating from scratch has opened artistic doors within me that I never knew existed and I hope this blog helps to inspire some crafty part of you too. 000000

Monday, June 28, 2010

Soldering Pieces ~

Ah ~ just finished dinner with the family, it was very yummy. 
Chicken, mac & cheese, and caesar salad, with satisfaction all the way around. 
Now that you know where, I'm coming from I had a very few minuets 
to blog. 
Okay, so last night I finished some soldering pieces that I thought I would never
get done ~ However, some are completed and I still have some to go. 
I wanted to share what I accomplished with you and to let you know, that 
this project took way longer then I thought. The soldering process is quite 
involved, well for me anyways ~ 

Here's what I did ~ first collaborated on the images, shape, and composition, of the
art piece. Then had to copper tape all pieces. Then comes the fun part, actually 
getting to solder the pieces create.

Tell me what you think ~ I have several more pieces to go, then need to seal
with "clear gloss Polyurethane" and then choose the type of chain to add 
to the pieces and perhaps a bit more embellishments for fun. 

Okay ~ Take a Look ~ and Please be kind ~ Remember I'm 
a Doll Maker ~ Much Love to you always ~ 

Well, onward to finish these little squares, and
start on some Halloween dolls and other projects ~ 

Thank you for encouragement and support always ~


  1. Very nice! My two faves are the one with three little girls and the one with the blue crown inside. Oh, and, of course, the little girl by the ocean! Okay, so that's three. xo Diane

  2. BEAUTIFUL! what more can i say. (except I wish I had more time, LOL) You are quite the talented lady and I wish you much success. God Bless You my friend :) mucho love to you. Dana

  3. they're wonderful! this is something I've been planning to do for ages! good for you! the dollmaker did some lovely soldered pieces!


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