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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mad Hatter Tea Party ~ Hosted by "The Garden of Beaden"

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party! 

On Wednesday evening May 26th, the "Garden of Beaden" held a
"Mad Hatter Tea Party" , hosted by Proprietor Irene Sanchez.

The "Garden of Beaden" host a quarterly Artists bead / creative art piece,
challenge. This is where the shop provides the theme of the challenge and the
local artists provide the artistic creative art pieces, based on the theme.
Irene,  encourages not just bead work to be entered in these challenges, but
any and all types of creative endeavor, that invokes the imagination of the current
challenge, using the chosen theme.

Last quarters challenge was "Alice in Wonderland" and anyone who has seen the movie
featuring  Jonny Depp, knows how creative one could get with this animated movie.

A mandatory requirement for this specific challenge ~ at the wrap 
up party ~ all would be required to attend the event with a 
favorite tea cup and loveliest hat your own, borrow, or make.

Let's hurry to the the party, before the "Mad Hatter" tells us to leave .....

Irene Sanchez ~ Proprietor

Love Dana's blouse, it's Alice again ~ 

At the end of the evening ~ we all had a chance to taste about
eleven different types of teas, they were all so delicious!
The Artist further chatted with each other about their projects and how
unique each individual piece turned out, exchanged business cards, blog address, ect.

You know, stuff like ....what's the next new adventure in the life and times of a Artist ~

The next "Garden of Beaden" challenge will be 
"the day of the dead" 

In the mean time ~ continue to motivate & stimulate 
us, as you always due. 
And as you
already know ~ "ART SAVES"

Much Love ~ 

"God does the strangest things.
He stretches smiles
where there hung only frowns.
He places twinkles 
where there were only tears"

~ Max Lucado ~ 


  1. Wonderful pictures...made me sad that I wasn't there. I am not missing the next challenge.

  2. Love the photo of you in the hat!

  3. Thanks Heather ~ It was as much fun wearing it too ~ if case ya watta know ` Love You ~


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