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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fallbrook, CA ~ Chateau De Fleurs

Today a friend and I took a little trip down south 
to a town called Fallbrook, CA. ~ to visit some gals who were 
having a "Barn Sale" at their other friends house. 

The ladies who created this event are seasoned vendors at 
selling antiques & vintage furnishings for home & garden, 
and organic product and so much more.....

Rita Reade and Christie Repasy along with several 
hand selected vendors, displayed lovely works of art,
in quite the charming way ~ come in a check it out.

June 18, 19, 2010
9am - 5pm

"Chateau De Fleurs"
1524 S. Hill Ave.
Fallbrook, CA 92028

Chateau De Fleurs, provided a map to visit three
Barn Sales happening at the same time in the Fallbrook 
area, more shopping & great finds. 

Come inside and check out what we saw today ~ 
Enjoy .....

Now on to the other three "Barn Sales" today ~ 

~ "Rusty Creek" ~ 

Okay ~ Now were on our way to "Oak Cottage" ~ 
our third Barn Sale of the day ~ 

~ Olay ~ 

And now our last Barn Sale of the day, 
"Pat's Barn" ~ 


Wow, we had a great day. Got to meet a lot of
cleaver ladies and their unique ways of re-purposing 
old items into new treasures. 

Thank you for visiting my adventures with me and 
I look forward to new and exciting places to go and 
share with you.

Much Love ~


  1. You've captured a wonderful mood with your awesome photos! I so wanted to be there, but we were doing a big family weekend, so it just didn't work out. Thanks so much for posting such lovely pics. It was a treat to see! Have a great week, Bridgette

  2. Hi Bridgette ~ Thank you for your kind words ~ Its was a joy to see the gals again, after "GF" ~ I also wanted to say Thank You for your monthly emails for the Antique Shows that you attend ~ I love them <3 Congratulation on all you new little "Charlottes" on your blog~their so cute. Much Love Daily ~ Andrea

  3. So we must've passed sometime or another during the day. Because my friend Joy and I were at all of these too. But we started out further south in Hidden Valley at the Lavendar Farm! Have you ever been there? It was cool. There was another Barn sale down close by it, and then we headed on up to CF after that.
    It was a great day.:)


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