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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gift Tags Halloween Style

Hi Peeps ~

Three days till "GLITTERFEST" ~ what a rush ~ the factory
is cranking up the production......

I feel like I just went thru 3 batches of cookies.....
check it out ~

No time for cookies, just "Gift Tags" ~

Where did this energy come from?

I know where it came from... from JC in heaven ~ 
I talked with him for an hour this morning about so many
things, this is his way of saying you can do it.

Only Jesus can really say, "I know what your going thru"


~ Because He entered our World
~ He breathed our air
~ He shared our pain
~ He walked in our shoes, and then some

God is with us, believe that his word is TRUE!

Much Love to you daily ~

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