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Sissy Dre was inspired by my father, Robert Felix Rosales, particularly his stylish clothes and big-hearted ways of being. My father was always open to any new hobbies or opportunities and especially enjoyed meeting new people. I take on this creative venture to honor him in my own way. Creating from scratch has opened artistic doors within me that I never knew existed and I hope this blog helps to inspire some crafty part of you too. 000000

Friday, September 10, 2010

Coffee Stained ~ Tags

Morning Peeps  ~ 
Off to a busy start this morning......
staining tags with coffee grounds....
then off to set them in the sun for the day.

Now, lets get some sewing done .....

Have a wonderful day with much love always ~


  1. Ciao Andrea, looking forward to see you at Glitterfest. Have a Happy Sunday. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  2. The photography on your site is absolutely DELICIOUS. You've got The Eye, toots.

  3. Hi Rita ~ Me too, hope to get to one of your soldering class sooner then later ~ love your works of art.. And yes, I look forward to seeing you at GF ~ Much Love Andrea

  4. Thank You Heather ~ My friend "Canon" helps with the focusing, since my "ojo's take a bit longer to focus. Much Love to you always ~ dre

  5. Hi Sissy!!
    I bet your house looks like my house with your tags drying and sewing waiting!haha My son says I have commandeered ALL flat surfaces! I think he's right.
    I wanted to drop in and let you know that your in the HAT for my fairie drawing, my dear!
    Thank you for dropping in and participating in my fun!
    I'm off to sew too...:)


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