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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Claremont, CA ~ Garage Sales

Wow ~ No garage sales in my hometown Upland, CA.  this weekend ~ 
However, the next couple of cities over, in Ontario, Pomona, 
Claremont,  and La Vern CA. had lots going on ~ 

Here's what I came across ~ 

Cool Typewriter

Jesus, Mary & Joseph

Leather Travel Bag ~ Body Form

Love old tools ~

Child size hat box & bronze clock ~

Cute Tricycle ~

Comfortable patio furniture ~

Black Bike, needs some work ~

Black wood bird cage ~

Blue base bird cage ~

Yellow base bird cage ~

Oh... by the way ~ the Antique Mall that my space #55 
is in ~ is having a "Labor Day" sale on
Monday, Sept. 6, 2010 

"Treasures & Junk" 
215 S. San Antonio Avenue
Ontario, CA 91762
(909) 983-3300
Business Hours:
Monday 10-5
Tuesday ~ CLOSED
Wednesday 10-5
Thursday 10-5
Friday 10-5
Saturday 10-5
Sunday 11-5

Special selected items will be featured during the "Labor Day" sale ~ 
Stop by space #55 to get 40% percent off your purchase from 
space #55 ~ 

Also, to help make your shopping experience as pleasant as possible  
~ lots of cold drinks, very cold ice cream, and 
snacks throughout the day .......Hope to see you there ~ 

Happy & Safe Labor Day to you all ~ 
Much Love ~ Andrea

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