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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Valentine Day's Doll ~ "Edna Mode"

Love is in the air
More than one day a year
But Valentine's Day
Makes everyone say
"I Love You" to those that are dear.

~ Gina Marie Lauchner  ~

Red is such an exciting color ~ the fabric store thought so too.

I've been throwing around the idea of actually making a art doll, to it's full size. In the past, most of the patterns I've been working on have been reduced down to 75%. I spend lots of time at kinkos,  reducing patterns.

I was pretty much, intimated by anything larger than 14" tall. Lots of factors to consider, like, the amount of stuffing, how much detail would need to be accomplished in the hands, legs, and especially the face. Can you say "scary"

I took a potential pattern out and set it a side, on my work table for a couple of days. As I worked on other projects, I would look over at the pattern and wondered if I could really make this art doll in the original 100% size, without reducing the image down.  Hum, hum, hum, ~ could I do it?

After working on other various projects, I was ran out of "stuffing". Now... I had to venture out to the fabric store with my trusty coupons.  Their I was, thinking I only need stuffing, I have lots of things at home to continue my current projects, don't need anything else. What a novel concept.

I walked into the fabric store, what do I see?

Only the most fabulous amounts of "Valentine Day" themed fabric E-V-E-R.  Red strips, small red stars, red & white circles, small and big red pin strips, red ribbons, small and large colored hearts of red and white, and lots of red fun everywhere.

So I bought some. Yupiee.

When I got home ~ I looked over at "Miss Americana" and embraced the challenge of making my first 26" original full size, art doll.

"Miss Americana" 26" tall by R&K Creations Art Doll,  was ready to be conquered, by me.

And I named her "Edna Mode"~

I hope you enjoy her as much as I did making her ~ Much Love ~ Andrea

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  1. Andrea ... I love your "Edna Mode". She is totally delightful. And I always enjoy the in-process photos to see all the work behind the finished project! Great doll, great job!


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