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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Birthday Girl Doll ~

2010 It's official  ~ launching into the "Art Doll" business venture with Janet Schultz this year.

Both of us bring experience from the "corporate america" area ~ Janet has been sewing since she was a little girl, making her own clothing for various occasions in grade school and high school and now into various other media's that she shares openly.  Her spirited heart keeps her young and fun and is always looking for new creative ways to create. I 'll contribute to our websites, and marketing tactics, as well as learning the secrets of sewing.

Janet and I met at Piecemakers last October when I took her "Primitive Pilgrim" class. Since then we've been sharing and collaborating daily.

This Saturday Jan 9th, Piecemakers in Costa Mesa, CA is having a "Annual Open house with Piecemaker's Teachers" from 1-4pm.

Janet will be providing her class schedule on "primitive creations" as well as tips and techniques.  I will be displaying some of the "Primitives" that I made in her classes, as well as newly created dolls.

The fun is just beginning, we have much to due, we'll be launching a joint "ETSY" site, creating signature art dolls, and attending lots of shows this year. I look forward to meeting and seeing you all.

                                  *          *            *           *             *             *          *

This is the first of many signature line of "Birthday Dolls" ~ here she is ~ Happy Birthday :-)

The best ornament is "Humility"
The richest wealth is "Wisdom"
The strongest weapon is "Patience"
The best security is "Faith"
The best tonic is "Laughter"

I hope to see you soon ~ Much Love ~ Andrea

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