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Monday, January 25, 2010

February Girl 2010

February is the month of red. Well, that's how I'm feeling. Last week had art doll class two days in a row, lots of homework this weekend and got one doll completed and need to get one more done by Wednesday morning.

This doll started out as a fairy but, as you can see no wings were added to her. And again, I'm still on the Valentine fabric kick.

My mentor Janet Schultz let us students, pick out hair. Yes, lots of different colors as well as textures that have not even crossed my mind. That's why she's leading this pack, and I love it.

One down, one to go ~


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As long as you keep in mind the importance and value of you, you will handle anything that the world throws your way. You will succeed because of the power, the spirit, and the vision of you.

~ Marantha Messinger

Much Love to you ~

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  1. Andrea,
    My name is Sheryl Simpson and i am the creator of "Glitterfest". I was putting your tag into my system and found your blog. I would love for you to apply for Glitterfest Spring! Please let me know where I can send an application! Your dolls are wonderful!


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