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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lorenzo & Sophia

For the last two days "Lorenzo" hasn't been himself. 
When Lorenzo was around 3 yrs old. he had a 
running accident with "Isabelle", they both chased the ball at the same time and 
Isabelle, literately  ran over Lorenzo. After we got Isabelle out of the way, 
Lorenzo was laying down yelping at the top of his lungs and 
his back leg was not able to ben back to normal. 

from left to right: 
Sophia, Lorenzo, Grizzly and Isebelle

After taking him to the Veterinarian ER, he had surgery on his left back leg, 
and a very small plate had to be placed round the knee cap 
so it would not slip out of the socket. That was about 5 years ago now and 
Lorenzo is approx. 8 yrs old this year.  I have to look for his birth certificate record
to get his exact date. After the surgery, he was in the hospital for a week, then 
he got to come home and recuperate. After two weeks, Lorenzo was back to his old 
self, no problem. Isabelle and Lorenzo, and Grizzly went back to sleeping
together and being the pack thay are today. With the exception of Sophia, the 
new addition to the pack. Lorenzo and Sophia bonded first, his fatherly 
instincts took over and both of them related to each other very fondly. 

from left to right:
Sophia and Lorenzo

Yesterday and today, Lorenzo has had trouble walking. His back legs 
give out, and he is in pain for a while until the pain seems to pass. 
I called a horse veterinarian friend of mine and she prescribed a
dog pain relief aspirin, every 3 hrs., and for now Lorenzo sleeps in a 
kennel with a heading blanket. When its time to take him out I have to
cokes him with some cheese to come out and then take him outside. 
I hope as the days move forward Lorenzo's pain will not be so
extreme and with the help of the warmer days approaching 
he will be able to lay out in the sun next to the pool. 

from left to right:
Lorenzo and Sophia 
Dec. 2010

Bring on the warm weather, for all of us ~

Sissy Dre

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