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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bragging Rights

I don't tout my children very often, not that their achievements 
don't merit acknowledgement, but more for internal enjoyment 
for themselves. 
Because frankly, success is short lived and failure is our teacher. 
Wow, that sounds harsh doesn't it!?!?

It's a time to celebrate Samantha Harris, and her latest achievement.
Samantha has been playing volleyball for the past six years at her
school(s) and various volleyball clubs in southern California. 
Her passion and proficiency is displayed every time she is on and off the court,
at every practice and of course in every game. She has strong and respectful 
leadership skills as captain and co-captain positions that are always 
growing her to new levels. 
She has also been on the National Honor Society for the past six years. 
Samantha displays tremendous agility, speed, and strength, that has been 
acknowledged thought out the years by various coaches, scouts, 
parents, and players. 

As a freshmen in high school she accepted a open
position on the varsity team, for two years. 

With much family discussion it was decided to transfer
from a private christian education to a public school education.
Both of my kids did and are currently doing extremely well with 
the new adjustment. Samantha went to tryout's for the volleyball 
program and made the varsity team once again. 
However, as several 
weeks of practice were going on we received a letter to attend a meeting 
with the CIF (California Interscholastic Federation) 
Commissioner, HS Athletic Director, and Varsity Coach,
to informed us of CIF Rules for varsity players in Southern California.
CIF Rules are, any player coming from a high school varsity level sport, 
into a new school, on a varsity level will not be eligible 
to play on a varsity level of the same sport for one season.

Wow, that was a huge awaking for us. Dealing with this new
awareness, we embraced the motto "it could be worse". At least
the rules don't say "you can't play volleyball at all!".
So, the following week Samantha was introduced to the JV Coach,
and players.  Challenges bubbled to the surfaces quickly. Three girls on the team, 
have never played the game before and the other girls have only played the
previous season.  This was a new leaning experience for this very young, seasoned
volleyball player. A new mind set needed to be established, with grace and 
patient. Throughout this season we had a lot of late night long talks, 
tears, frustration, growth, and love. 
And, all of this has again, has taken Samantha to another level of leadership,
with her coaches, team mates, teachers, and herself. 

Last night was the award banquet for the Volleyball program at
Upland High School. 

Samantha received the MVP Award (Most Valuable Player).
We are looking forward to a new club season as well as a new high school
season at the varsity level. 

After years of being a mother, I've come to know a few things. Both of my
children are my heart. The grace and love of God watching over us, has help
all of us become better people.

Blessings to you daily ~


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  1. Beautiful tribute to a Beautiful Daughter...which has a lot to do with her Parents!
    Way to go Samantha and you too Mom!!!
    Much Love,


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