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Sunday, December 5, 2010

All in a Day ~

Got up early and woke up Teddy...
She looks perturbed, doesn't she?!?!?!

Then headed out to VG to check out the Apple Shop ~ 

Then we took a ride out to "HorseTown USA Norco, CA" ~ Where horses have
equal and more rights then people ~ 

This is pretty neat, the elephant and the zebra pictures are 
painted on palm branches using acrylic paints. 

Love these rocks, each rock is painted with words from the Bible
then heated in the over for about 15 minuets to ensure the
paint is baked into the rock. 

So, we left "Tom's Farm" and took a walk
down the street to see some friends of mine, Joyce & LeRoy 
of "Odds N Ends Rescue".

This is a animal's lover paradise ~ lots of critters
you don't see as regular pets.
Take a look ` 

Really plumb squirrel ~ 

Raccoon Family 

Raccoons are curious ....

Love the little dogs.....

lot of little dogs 

Little dogs hanging with the 20 yrs old desert tortuous

Joyce holding a white bird 

Lovely white bird 

The tortuous smells the apple 

so does the dogs 

everyone wants a bite

This is a white and brown skunk, which has been de-skunked ...

Cat & chicken living quarters .....

Funny pig

Green Bird

Beautiful big black horse 

Prairie Dog

Yes, it was a fun filled and packed day with 
those animals.  

And oh yes, did I tell you, we came home with two kittens
from Joyce & LeRoy's place. 

And here they are, the grey one is Roscoe, and the 
black & white one is Lincoln 

Their 5 weeks old and so very cute....

Joyce, has here own animal rescue in Norco, CA, it's called 
"Odds n Ends Rescue" 
The different Animal Rescue, 
Sorry No Dogs or Cats

 Joyce is known in the area and beyond the county line,
for her willingness to take in the not so common 
domesticated animal. 
Today I saw baby hedgehogs, a emu, broken winged crows, 
and a African water turtle. 

As you know, the goal of a rescue organization is to acclimate 
the injured or non social animal back into a home or if possible
back into the wild, which is the ultimate success story.

When an animal is received into the rescue it's logged into a 
data base with details of it's history if any, current issues, 
date received, type of animal, and
status of it's condition, and then the observation and 
study begins on the animal. 

Sometimes the stories are very sad and even when the animals 
are brought into the rescue and are taken care of they don't make
always make a recovery. And that's when it gets really tough. The heart 
break is very emotional, but with the sadness comes the strength to
continue the cause to educate and bring awareness to others
on the various concerns owning non domestic pets. 

 Unfortunately its not uncommon to see different domestic puppies & kitten 
dropped off in front of her place from time to time. As well as getting
a picture text with the caption stating "will be put down" in 24 hrs. if not 
adopted when the call comes in. And that's when Joyce gets the kennels 
loaded into her truck & takes a drive to where the animal is & 
usually brings them home to start the rehabilitation process. 
This is how we got the two kittens, Roscoe & Lincoln. 

Neighbors and supporters who know the cause will sometimes
drop off various type of food for the animals. The cost of 
feeding these animals runs approx. $1400. per month.  

I'm so grateful this road of life has crossed into meeting Joyce, she has
enriched my life to a different level more then I could have imagined.
She is the animal rescuer, the antique dealer, the collector, the artist, 
the environmentalist, the spiritual soul sister, the behaviorist, 
the cowgirl, and so much more. 

Capturing moments with my camera are some of the things 
that make this journey of life so wonderful. And visiting Joyce's 
world has touched my heart in a spiritual way. 
I believe understanding that others have interests and passions, 
and hopefully finding one of your own, makes people enjoy 
life a little more. It gives you something to connect yourself to 
others with, and that makes life even sweeter. 

Human or Animal, I'm reminded how much alike we all are.

Thanks for stopping by today & much love to you always ~ 

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