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Friday, March 26, 2010

"The Graphics Fairy" ~ Brag Monday

Brag Monday ~ The Graphics Fairy ~ images 

When I saw this image on the Graphics Fairy ~ I knew I could make a 
eloquent crown for one of my dolls. 
The image is so cute and colorful. 
I down loaded the image onto fabric, the got the beads out ~ 
and started to bead on the outline of the little blue book, 
then a bit on the pink rose. 

After the beading I wanted to highlight the corners in black, 
so I used black glass glitter for that. Once I was done embellishing the image 
I sowed it to the card stock, then I used brads to 
connect the ends of the crown. 
Once the ends were connected ~ I just started to add a couple of little 
ribbon petals then, the white fur was the finishing touch. 

By the way ~ thank you for providing all the unique images 
and freely passing your wonderful findings out to us all ~ here in blog land and beyond ~ 

The Graphics Fairy ~ Rock On ~

Much Love ~ Andrea


  1. Coming over from The Graphics Fairy. That hat is wonderful! I can't believe all of the detailing! Nicely done and a happy new follower!

  2. Hi Andrea,
    What a fabulous doll!!! I love her Pippy Longstocking hairstyle! The crown is adorable and looks quite charming on her head. Thanks so much for linking this one up for "Brag Monday" and for your kind words about my site!

  3. Your doll looks amazing, very queen-like! Thank you for sharing. Petra.


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