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Friday, July 31, 2009

new addition to the collection

Well, maybe you can tell...? and I didn't know this myself. But from this point I've been working in a one (1) dimension doll pattern, and was having lots of fun, but now I've moved into the realm of the "3 piece doll pattern", two dimension creations. It's been quite a change in the preparation of each pattern piece, but much more amusements gets to come from this medium.

In the past I've been working with one type of fabric for the whole doll, head, body, limbs. Now, I'm able to work in different fabrics for one doll, for wings, body, and head. Fun but definitely need to plan further out in the process.

I also got to get educated in learning to stage for stronger/better methods of attaching the items as well as placement proportion.
Don't want to see any "wingless" Angles.

Fun and challenging all at the same time, and it seems that I tend to gravitate to small size dolls, so now of course I will need get off the comfort train and move forward to the 14" doll pattern and tackle this awkward challenge!
I'm enjoying this ride and the great ladies I've been learning from :->

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