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Monday, June 15, 2009

Bernina Artista Instructional Class

Last week I completed the Sewing Machine Mastery Workbook which covers the instruction manual for my Bernina 730 sewing computer machine. It brought me up to speed on what the sewing world has been doing before I joined this wonderful art form. The first part of the class was to learn the terminology, features, functions, navigating the touch screen, sewing basics, buttons, tools, accessory options, how to use the walking foot, free motion options ect. The second part of the class was a whole new level of sewing decoratively using the special features on the Artista 730 model. By the end of the workbook we got to pick out any patten within the machines software program and embroidered it. I choose a Cong shell with six different color thread, I always wondered how those hand towels looked so custom and expensive, now I know! Enough of the "techie" talk.... the class was really fun and informative, our instructor Carol Hatton is a blast. She is the spokes model for BERNINA, she even has tons of red accessories with each outfit she wears to class. I would recommend the Bernina sewing machine to anyone who wants to have a tool that is a true workhorse, starting with any entry model.

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