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Sissy Dre was inspired by my father, Robert Felix Rosales, particularly his stylish clothes and big-hearted ways of being. My father was always open to any new hobbies or opportunities and especially enjoyed meeting new people. I take on this creative venture to honor him in my own way. Creating from scratch has opened artistic doors within me that I never knew existed and I hope this blog helps to inspire some crafty part of you too. 000000

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This is my first blog....as I'm getting into blogging I'm also getting into Flameworking...so I've decided to chat about this very briefly

Flameworking: using a burner to melt rods of glass and form a variety of basic round beads.

Our class is sets up with Oxygen/Propane with the minor burner torch.... next I'll post "Making Your First Bead"...

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