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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day of the Dead Couture Class

It was a special day for me. I was lucky enough to get into
a "Julie Nutting" class at "stamp you heart out" in Claremont, CA. today. 
The fist time I got to meet Julie was last weekend, at Glitterfest.
My daughter recognized Julie's art a mile away, and it didn't hurt that 
our booths were just a couple of table away from each other at the show, 
and we got to chat for a bit. 

When I arrived at class this morning, Julie & I said our hello's 
and then she stop'd and said Oh, I almost didn't recognized you
without your hat. You had to be there ~~~

Anyhow.... Julie is an awesome artist. She has been featured in Somerset 
Studio Magazine several times. Julie is funny, charming, and witty. 
Today we are learning the art of paper collage. We created an 8 x 10 project featuring one 
of her brilliantly designed works using a "Day of The Dead theme. 

Here is a couple of pic's from today's workshop ~

Julie's class examples ~

Julie Nutting and me

My version of "day of the dead couture dolls" ~

Close up ~ 1

Close up ~ 2

Close up ~ 3

Fun day today, I'm looking forward to Julie's next class. 

Much Love Daily ~

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