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Sunday, July 4, 2010

"Give me Liberty or Give me Death"

Wow ~ What a busy day, started out around 8am this morning 
heading out to Clairmont's Farmers Market, at the Village square ~ 
Here's a couple of pictures of some great looking fruit and vegetables ~ 

When such beautiful fruit and vegetables are provided
by our local growers, I wonder how our chain markets
can stay in business ~ Support your local growers ~

On to all types of flowers, orchids, and cactus ~ OOOLAY ~ 

When I look at these orchids I can almost here spectacular
conversations going on among each other ... what's going
on in your blooming community ~ kinda like the crocking 
frogs at "Green Valley Lake" 
It makes me NOT want take my eyes off of them
even for a second ~ 
Our creator is spectacular ~ take a peek ....

"Christians have often disputed as to whether what leads the 
Christian home is good actions, or Faith in Christ.
I have no right really to speak on such difficult question, 
but it does seem to me like asking which 
blade in a pair of scissors is most necessary."

~ Mere Christianity ~
By C.S. Lewis 

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