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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mom & Daughter Soldering Day at Garden of Beaden, Upland, CA.

Treasure Charm Bracelet ~ Class 
Saturday April 17, 2010

Garden of Beaden 
313 N. Second Ave.
Upland, CA 91786

Instructor ~ Robin Dudley-Howes 

So..... a couple of weeks ago, my daughter Samantha ~ 
seemed interested in some sort of ~ jewelry making project. 
However, I wanted her to enjoy it so, I asked her
if she wanted to take a class at our local bead shop. And she said "Okay"
I was totally excited but of course I didn't want her 
to know that I was. So, we signed up. 

My new friend Tara, that I met at a previous 
soldering class at Piecemakers the weekend before ~ was also taking the class
with her daughter Ivy. 

I shared this with Samantha and she seems further amused. 

I wanted to share a snapshot of the day we had together ~ overall
it was really fun ~ we went to lunch together ~ chatted with the instructor and 
of course Ivy and Samantha chatted way more about school, friends and other
things ~ then getting the bracelet finished.

In the future ~ when Samantha wants to take a class ~ we'll be
taking a personal and up close class in the garage at home with the dogs. 

After instructions from our teacher we were to move forward with the project.
A kit was provide ~ so we didn't need to find objects or a bracelet.

Head is spinning ~ where do I start ~
And Mom ~ why are you already taking pictures?

Stop taking pictures ~ please.....

This is Ivy ~ she's having a wonderful time and she's smiling ~
So, it wasn't that bad as Samantha is making it out to be ~ 

Here is Tara and Robin Dudley-Howes

Ivy and Samantha (got a smile out of her)

My mentor Robin Dudley-Howes and me

Us again  
(Samantha took this picture standing on a chair ~ 
funny story behind this)

And of course our project ~ 
Samantha is the top bracelet 
and mine is the bottom one.

I wanted to ensure she had a good experience for all of our sakes
so I made sure we got hers finished before the end of class ~ As for mine
I will be working on it later.

As always ~ I love working and learning new techniques from 
my friend and instructor Robin Dudley-Howes ~ and always enjoy spending the day with a room 
full of talented artist ~ no matter who they are ~ 

Thank you for taking the class Samantha and spending the
day with your mom. 

"People will forget what you said"
"People will forget what you did"
"But people will never forget how you made them feel"

~ Maya Angelou ~ 

Much Love ~ Andrea 

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  1. Cute post Andrea! I was out at GOB just yesterday..again teaching the bracelet class Thanks for being so fun in class and supportive. Your daughter is cute. take care


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