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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Queen of Hearts

Wow ~ down to the wire, and I'm done. 

Last month in ADQ (Art Doll Quarterly) a article was featured on a doll club, 
whose members submitted their dolls to this magazine. 
The doll club is www.clothclaydolls.ning.com.  
The creator of this club is a young artist who single handedly ran a doll club. 
She started to blog about her experience, got lots of doll artist interested in her website,
 she was openly sharing her tips, techniques, video taping her processes and 
procedures, sharing, 
 and being open about what she was doing in the doll world. 

After reading the article, 
I went to www.clothclaydolls.ning.com, submitted request for membership and 
started to click around the site. 
A couple of days into the month of February, went back to this site, 
and their it was on the main page ~  

"Queen of Hearts" doll challenge. 
All entires to be submitted by Feb. 14, 2008 
for consideration of posting a photo of your doll. 

Well, I took the challenge ~ I used a patten by 
"Back Porch Pickins" ~ pattern name, "Lydie-Bug and Daisy".

I research a bit on the "Queen of Hearts" ~ got some ideas from a deck of cards, the new, 
Alice in Wonderland movie, and some circus books. 

Here's my interpretation ~ "Queen of Hearts"  

"We owe it to ourselves to recognize our milestones, to commemorate them, and to use them as an opportunity to reflect on and further our personal growth"

Much Love ~


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